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This is a summary of changes made to my Web site in the last year, presented as a chronological digest of VCS commits. It is updated approximately as often as I change pages. The information is extracted automatically from Git, so even though I may forget to run it now and then, what it shows will always be complete.

Web site change history

Times are UTC.

2021-08-13 21:37:54:
  revision: aa7343a;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * makefile:
     + Oops; fix makefile boo-boo.

2021-08-13 21:36:46:
  revision: 8d27630;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * makefile:
     + (climbing-pages):  Add climbing/gym-to-crag-faq.html to this macro.

2021-08-13 21:33:25:
  revision: 88acde2;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * climbing/gym-to-crag-faq.html (added):
     + First draft for the AMC 2021 weekend on September 18-19.

2021-03-02 02:16:42:
  revision: 2528552;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * site-map.html:
     + Improve the Linux section, and move it higher.
     + Restore the (small) Common Lisp section.

2021-02-09 22:58:32:
  revision: 3c5f26a;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/backup.html:
     + Update the synopsis.

2021-02-08 00:34:11:
  revision: 3fedf35;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * site-map.html:
     + Update this.

2021-02-08 00:26:06:
  revision: 9c66818;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * free-clim/ex-0306-4.html (removed), free-clim/index.html (removed):
     + Get rid of this unused/unreferenced stuff.

2021-02-08 00:21:01:
  revision: f528162;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * visitors.html (removed):
     + This is much too out of date.
  * makefile:
     + Remove visitors.html from the top-pages macro.
  * web-site.html, site-map.html:
     + Remove a link to visitors.html.

2021-02-08 00:12:24:
  revision: 6d25673;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * climbing/index.html:
     + Update gym information.
     + Remove the MITOC link, since they no longer have the "sitemap" page
       with pointers to other resources.
     + Update weather links.

2021-02-07 17:58:57:
  revision: 2a885c0;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/howto.html:
     + Remove the old "boot recovery" recipe, which only applied when the
       system was the firewall/router.
     + Remove the Samba stuff.
     + Remove dead RPM and XFree86 links.
     + Add a caveat about old Zip and floppy drive info.
     + Plus other changes to bring this more up to date.

2021-02-07 17:58:00:
  revision: 43da324;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * site-map.html, linux/howto.html, linux/index.html:
     + Remove security/ links, since I don't seem to have anything current
       to say on these pages.
  * makefile:
     + Remove the security-pages macro.

2021-02-04 00:28:04:
  revision: 09e3f33;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/backup.html:
     + Add a level 2 tar dump, plus further corrections.

2021-02-01 00:57:44:
  revision: 10da823;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * makefile:
     + Remove the perl-pages macro.

2021-02-01 00:57:15:
  revision: 1de1b55;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * change-history-template.html:
     + Remove another rogue Subversion reference.
     + Times are UTC.

2021-01-31 00:51:47:
  revision: 158935e;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/backup.html:
     + Correct some problems with the description of tar backups.

2021-01-30 03:27:57:
  revision: 6e39168;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/disk-upgrade.html:
     + Give this page a minimal update, because it is tied to the time
       and hardware involved.
  * linux/subversion.html:
     + Add a disclaimer about the age of this page, but keep it around
       because much of it probably still works.
  * linux/index.html:
     + Finish updating the articles list, adding "vintage" tags to the two
       foregoing articles.

2021-01-30 02:56:53:
  revision: ef98ff3;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/ether.html:
     + Remove a dead link to

2021-01-28 01:25:26:
  revision: a16febe;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * makefile:
     + Get rid of *-hits.html targets.

2021-01-28 01:23:43:
  revision: d3ac935;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/cd-burning.html:
     + Add a note that is also in the scripts backup tools.

2021-01-27 23:11:32:
  revision: 65136b2;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * change-history-template.html:
     + They are not Subversion commits any more.

2021-01-27 23:03:24:
  revision: 282878f;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * makefile:
     + (generated-pages):  Remove this macro, since we now provide links
       to Github rather than providing pod2html versions of scripts.
     + (serious-pages):  Remove ${generated-pages}.
  * site-map.html:
     + Remove a reference to

2021-01-25 23:44:49:
  revision: 8a62225;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  Extensive backup.html expansion and update.
  * linux/backup.html:
     + Add an "Abstract" section.
     + Under "Backup technologies," say more about dar up front, and give
       installation instructions for openSUSE.
     + Add a "remount read-only" paragraph to "Backup timing."
     + Recommend a DB client for database dumps.
     + Show our current backup crontab.
     + Add an "Archival backups with tar" section.
     + Update the "Archival backups with dump" section, in particular to
       note that no longer supports dump, and make it more
       even-handed about its tradeoffs.
     + Update "Archival backups with dar."
     + Add a 'Backup tools in the "scripts" project' section, describing
       how they work together and the file naming convention.
     + Update "The Perl script", and add a Github link.
     + Add a "Listing backups with" section.
     + Update the "Copying dump files with" section.
     + Add a "Tidying up with" section.
     + Add some links to "Notes on mirroring backup," and do a better
      job of describing database replication.
     + Replace the "Mirroring case history 1:  Web server content" section
       with a description of mirroring the CMUCL downloads.

2021-01-25 04:26:30:
  revision: f364a1b;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/index.html:
     + Remove dead links, add Github links.

2021-01-25 03:23:40:
  revision: a4c602f;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * makefile:
     + Don't install nis.html.
  * site-map.html, linux/howto.html, linux/index.html:
     + Remove references to NIS.

2021-01-25 03:21:32:
  revision: a537ffb;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/howto.html:
     + Rename the "Burning DVDs and CDs" page.

2021-01-19 01:51:09:
  revision: b584f5f;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  Revamp the cd-burning.html page.
  * linux/cd-burning.html:
     + Make "Selected mkisofs and cdrecord options" an appendix.
     + Remove discussion of "my current CD-RW/DVD-ROM" and its driver
       issues, since everyone uses USB these days.
     + Correct mention of mkisofs.
     + Give /dev/srX equal footing.
     + Remove a SuSE 9.0 hack.
     + Update image mounting.
     + Replace most of the "Burning CDs and DVDs with"
       content with Github link to the source.
     + Add a link to the device-finding "howto" from the image mounting
     + Use "disk" instead of "CD" in a few places, to be generic.

2021-01-18 23:40:23:
  revision: aee4080;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/ntp.html:
     + Remove the "Getting an NTP client for other operating systems" and
       "Opening up a firewall for an NTP server" sections.
     + Explain why "Running an NTP server" is no longer a good idea.
     + Make extensive updates to the "Adjusting the clock with a built-in
       NTP daemon" and Continuous clock adjustment with ntpd" sections.
     + Plus other random (and much overdue) updates.

2020-12-21 22:15:16:
  revision: 4d8632a;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/index.html:
     + We don't really need a 14-year-old note here that the Common Lisp
       section has been moved.

2020-12-21 22:04:51:
  revision: b85da79;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * linux/security/index.html:
     + Remove some obsolete stuff, in particular the privacy section,
       the script, and the "Eliminate unnecessary
       services" 'article'. plus broken links.
     + Use the standard site.css, and make them "howto" <dl>'s.
  * linux/security/check-logs.html (removed):
     + Obsolete; removed.
  * linux/security/old-xauth.html (removed):
     + This was even marked explicitly obsolete in 2003.
  * site-map.html:
     + Remove the check-logs.html link.
  * makefile:
     + Remove check-logs.html and old-xauth.html from the security-pages

2020-12-21 21:45:55:
  revision: 9b61cac;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * bob/tmda.html (removed), linux/antispam.html (removed):
     + Get rid of these, which are way obsolete.
  * linux/index.html:
     + Remove the link to antispam.html.
  * makefile:
     + Remove antispam.html from the linux-pages macro.

2020-12-20 02:55:26:
  revision: 4201abc;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * index.html:
     + Drop the Perl page, because it turns out I have nothing current to
       say there.
     + Drop the broken link.
     + Add a Github link.
     + Use relative URLs for the subdirectories.

2020-12-20 02:54:25:
  revision: 41280b1;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * bob/contact.html:
     + Simplify, and make the preferred email address.

2020-12-20 02:36:19:
  revision: 3767c3f;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * lisp/index.html:
     + Remove broken links, correct <dl> formatting.

2020-12-15 21:50:02:
  revision: 79e2a88;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * hits.html:
     + Remove $Id$.

2020-12-15 21:29:53:
  revision: d7deb70;  author: Bob Rogers <>
  * bob/index.html:
     + Simplify greatly.  In particular, remove links for Anna and Lizzie.
  * linux/antispam.html, linux/index.html, site-map.html, bob/contact.html:
     + Remove tmda.html references.
  * hits.html:
     + Remove all content, which was 12+ years out of date.
  * makefile:
     + Don't install damon-mahler.html or tmda.html, nor any of the files
       under bob/anna/ or bob/liz/.

Bob Rogers <>